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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

What are you noticing?

I have a very good friend, Helene Van Manen, who is also a coach who always asks, "What are you noticing?"  When someone asks you that question, what do you think?  Are you noticing the sounds of the wind whistling in the trees?  Are you noticing the stifling heat in the air?  Are you noticing the beat of your own heart and the breath of life deep within you? 
At first, you will notice the most obvious.  The sounds of the traffic, sirens blaring in the streets, dogs barking, school buses stopping and starting.  Later, you will notice the more non apparent things such as the tinkling of water from the water fountain, the chirping of the birds and the squawking of the squirrels.  You will start to notice things like your own skin which feels slightly damp from the humidity in the air, the slight taste of garlic in your mouth from lunch, the feeling of contentment deep down. 
Lately, I have noticed new things.  I notice every horse along the roads and watch to see if they look up.  I notice a wandering little black curly haired dog who is possibly not attended to and debate whether to pick it up or not.  I notice how much pride I feel within when my grandson, Ayden, walks into my home and puts his little arms around me.  I even exclaim to him, "My, how you seem to have grown!" (even though it's only been a week since I have seen him.)  The reply from him is, "That's because I am in first grade now, GiGi!"  Oh, so innocent! 
There is so much to notice in this world!  Take the time to notice. 
"What are YOU noticing, now?"
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