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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Sounds and Quiet

I read an interesting article in Readers Digest titled:  Quiet Please.  This article really spoke to me.  I have oftened heard the sounds of modern men and women without really hearing.  George Prochnik writes in the article, "Jackhammers.  Leaf blowers.  Car alarms.  The aggravating, tinny sound coming out of iPod earphones.  We've become so accustomed to noise, there's almost an ingrained prejudice against the idea that silence might be beneficial." 
Isn't that the truth?  I only recently sat on my backporch and really heard the sounds which annoyed me!  Quiet is what we need.  Peace.  How can we think, figure out solutions to problems, get to know our God and get to know ourselves with all this sound????
That's the beauty of having nature.  Natural sounds speak to us just like human words, if we really listen.  Oftentimes people ask why they don't know their mission in life or what God wants for them.  Most times, those same people don't take time to listen. 
So what have you considered while reading this blog? 

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